Living for the Future

Are you Living in the Past or Living with the Future in Mind?

Are you living your life with your attention firmly rooted in the past or solely with your vision of the future in mind? Or, are you simply stuck, not daring to look back on a past that might be painful; or […]

Is it envy or jealousy?

In the world of psychotherapy we distinguish between ‘envy’ and ‘jealousy’.

As the reader, check out the energy within your own body and compare how you feel with each of the examples below:

When you have something that I like, and I also want to have that characteristic or achievement, I would regard this […]


Maria, an intelligent, mature, respectable, well dressed and attractive woman, sat in front of me. With a gesture attempting to portray courage, she looked at me in the eye and declared: “I have no women friends, I have never had them and I don’t need them.”

As I listened to her, I felt deeply […]